passive solar architectural design
A Proposal for an Education Centre for Environmental Studies in a Bush Setting

Environmental Education Centre

Pease & Benson

Victoria, NSW & SA, Australia

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Self Sufficient with Power and Water

This building is designed to be independent of any reticulated supply of electrical power or water. It includes roof angles suitable for photvoltaic and hot water collector panels. A large box gutter between the roof angles will be trafficable for safe maintenance of the solar panels


Passive Solar Design

The building has been designed to capture and store heat from winter sun. It has high positioned opening windows to ensure plenty of reflected light in rooms and ventilation of warm air in summer.

Use of Local Materials

A simple structure using two sizes of rammed earth columns, both capable of incorporating structural elements and services. Large stone in the local soil can be incorporated into the columns. The straight walls in the storage section can be rammed earth or mud brick.