passive solar architectural design
An Earth Brick Dwelling for a creative and artistic couple of Owner Builders to be built in stages

Passive Solar Earth Brick Dwelling

Pease & Benson

Victoria, NSW & SA, Australia

ph: (08) 8091 5960
mobile: 0431 876 974


Design Brief

An earth brick dwelling to be Owner Built on a small budget and utilising an existing stock of various sized panes of thick glass. Clients expressed an interest in curved walls and soft edges.
Site was a steep north slope with a high Bushfire Attack Level.


Design Concept

Advantage was taken of the steep north slope for solar gain in winter and great north views. Windows size and shape varied to use the existing stock of glass, positioned to optimise entry of sun in winter or frame a particular view. The surface of the front curved wall does not deviate more than 20 degrees from true north.


Staged Construction

The dwelling is designed to be buit in 3 stages and includes a rotating partition in the living area to give flexibility of use to accommodate a temporary sleeping area.


Use of Local Materials

The land was burnt in recent bushfires and the dead mountain ash trees were felled and milled on site for use in the building.

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