passive solar architectural design
A Proposal for an Education Centre for Environmental Studies in a Bush Setting

"La Esperanza" Primary and High School

Pease & Benson

Victoria, NSW & SA, Australia

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Socially and Environmentally Responsible

Angel Benson had the honour to be invited to design new primary school classroom buildings and a master plan for a new high school for The Americas Foundation, a bi-national non-profit organistation.

Organic Architectural Design

This new classroom is an extension, well intergrated with the organic architecture and environment previously designed by the renowned artist and architect James Hubbell.
Benson developed the concept design of "Architecture in which to read and of which to be interpreted" resulting in an expressive little palace for children.
The classroom uniquely has an entry area to warmly receive the children without interuption of the class.


The Construction Process

'With this project Angel Benson won a state architecture grant to reside on site and supervise the building process. This involved co-ordinating parents, children and people from California, all as volunteers.

Sustainable Approach

Artificial light was not required for reading due to the abundance of natural light through the big, well orientated windows. The building used local stone from the site and the mozaic craftwork was created with recycled materials.

This is a good example of international and personal volunteer collaboration.