passive solar architectural design
Two story mud-brick dwelling with small footprint designed for easy addition of future extensions

Two Story Mud Brick

Pease & Benson

Victoria, NSW & SA, Australia

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Site and Client Brief

A narrow town allotment in a valley but open to the north. Clients wanted a home that was warm in winter without need for central heating. Needed to be elevated because of site drainage causing damp conditions.

Design Theory

Two Story was chosen, with the clients blessing, to adapt to the site and for the upper bedrooms to be warmed by rising heat. The more open north aspect was utilised for winter solar heat gain and where possible combined with a north-east corner window for a light, cheerful space on winter mornings. A small gas heater was installed to assist in cold spells.

Design Performance

This must be one of the cosiest homes in Melbourne, shoes off at the door to preserve the beautiful finish of the cypress pine floors but warm on the feet due to the insulation underneath.

The gas heater was used in the evenings, but to such a small extent that the gas suppliers replaced the meter on two occasions suspecting it was faulty with the low readings.

The first extension was added about 20 years later.